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India Predictions 2014

Our aim with Predictions is to catalyze discussions around significant developments that may require companies or governments to respond. We provide a view on what we think will happen, what will occur as a consequence, and what the implications are for various types of companies. We do not however presume that ours is the last word on any given topic: our intent is to stoke the debate.

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Deloitte’s Predictions for the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sector in India. We are often asked why we create a Predictions document. Our answer is simple. Our view is that across every global industry, knowing what is likely (and unlikely) to come next in TMT trends is a key competitive differentiator.

This publication is released in conjunction with Deloitte’s global TMT Predictions report and presents an India perspective of the key developments, anticipated over next 12-18 months, which are likely to have a significant medium- to long-term impact on companies operating in TMT and TMT-induced developments in other industries in India.

This year’s Predictions report continues to be published as a single report rather than split by technology, media and telecommunications. Our view is that developments in each sub-sector are now so inter-linked and interdependent that TMT executives need to be cognizant of key trends across all sectors.


•Mobility and e-Commerce: Driving innovations in payments and cash displacement
•Localization: Scaling the tower of Babel to achieve growth
•Smart ‘Home & Utilities’: Two drivers of Machine to Machine application
•Multichannel Enterprise Applications: Let a thousand application providers bloom


•Newspapers: The regional surge
•Distribution Networks: The digital leap
•Social Media: The urge to connect
•Sports: Winds of change


•Short messaging services versus instant messaging: Value versus volume
•Phablets are not a phad
•Emergence of Mobile Video
•'Ruggedized' Data Devices: Reinventing the business case for mobile field force

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