The Cloud Imperative

Asia Pacific’s unmissable opportunity

In our report Cloud Imperative – Asia Pacific’s unmissable opportunity, we explore the findings of survey of 600 technology and business leaders, to understand the value and impact of adoption of cloud across Asia Pacific.

Cloud computing has proven to be an enabler in times of disruption and has underpinned value creation over the last decade. The potential of cloud and the advanced technologies it can enable, will drive new value-creating opportunities that the business world has yet to realise.

Key highlights of the full report:

  • Deloitte has developed a digital disruption map that identifies which industries will see the biggest impact of digital disruption
  • 72% of IT leaders have confirmed that cloud is allowing them to speed up innovation, to meet this disruption head on
  • As a result, cloud spending has grown across industries and is forecast to almost triple in next 4 years
  • However, almost half (46%) of Asia Pacific businesses have low or no readiness for future cloud
  • This report identifies how you and your organisation can address disruption and adopt cloud in the a way that will drive the most value
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