Abhijeet Singh Thakur

Partner, Consulting, Deloitte India

Abhijeet Singh Thakur

Abhijeet is a Partner at Deloitte and enterprise transformations expert; with close to 2 decades of experience in consulting and leadership roles across industry sectors.

Specialises in technology and business process optimisation; leveraging cloud and AI-based solutions to deliver enterprise-wide CFO/CIO agenda on  innovation and performance management with impactful outcomes.

Led multiple ERPM-based transformations including Transaction systems till Consolidation, Planning, Strategic management, Workforce, Capex leading to Analytics in BI and enhanced by AI, in-turn creating value, driving growth, efficiency, and fostering collaboration and trust.

Current, pertinent experience:

  • Establishing an enterprise digital transformation roadmap and handholding clients throughout the process of ROI, Budget approval assistance, to selection of right products, technologies, Vendors and even Implement and operate or run as well.
  • Leading relationships and solutions by automating
  • Strategic Planning, AOP
  • Multi-year financial forecasting
  • To the street compliance, Consolidations, Allocations, Tax
  • Integrating automated data flows across org wide tech stack
  • Managing change, program interventions and significant modifications in due course to guarantee that desired results are eventually attained.


Abhijeet Singh Thakur