Abhay Gupte

Partner, Governance Regulation and Risk Advisory

Abhay Gupte

Indiabulls Finance Centre

Tower 3, 27th – 32nd Floor





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Abhay has served multiple clients in banking and financial services, automotive, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, hospitality, and information technology industry segments. He has more than 23 years of advisory, auditing and consulting experience—leading teams in a professional, diverse, multi-cultural environment.

Since 1997, he has spearheaded the growth of Enterprise Risk services (ERS) practice in India from a two-member team to more than 200 professionals offering  enterprise risk advisory, IT risk and information security advisory services.

Abhay is an expert in risk management, regulatory services and SOX in various industries such as BFSI, Automotive, TMT. As an expert in IT risk, he was appointed as a member of RBI’s working group on Information Security, Electronic Banking, Technology Risk Management and Cyber Frauds.

Abhay Gupte