Antony Prashant


Partner, Consulting, Deloitte India

Antony Prashant

Antony is a Partner at Deloitte and has over 20 years of consulting and industry experience, He is also the Life-sciences and Healthcare Consulting Leader for the Deloitte South Asia.

His areas of expertise include managing large transformation projects focusing on profitability enhancement, technology roll outs and value chain synchronization.

His recent initiatives involve conceptualizing digital and AI interventions for the pharma, healthcare and consumer business sectors focusing on tech enabled growth and value chain collaboration. He is also part of various industry committees, where industry stalwarts come together and support in shaping the industry for the future. He also has considerable policy experience, especially in assisting the Indian government in further developing the pharma and health-care industry.

He was actively involved with various State Governments and Industry players during the pandemic, in uplifting healthcare infrastructure in specific rural regions and has been working with organizations to enhance the vaccine distribution infrastructure.

Antony Prashant