B20 Italy 2021

The B20 acts as voice of the business community of the G20 countries, promoting dialogue among policymakers, civil society and business at the highest level. Its mission is to provide the G20 Leaders with expertise and concrete policy recommendations coming from about 1,000 large businesses from more than twenty countries.

Deloitte Italy played the role of Knowledge Partner of the Energy & Resource Efficiency Task Force supporting the Italian B20 Presidency (Confindustria) and the Task Force Presidency (ENEL) in the drafting of a policy paper providing specific recommendations and policy actions to the G20 Leaders in view of the 2021 Summit, in order to facilitate and accelerate the energy transition towards a green economy.

The policy paper was presented by ENEL CEO Francesco Starace at the B20 summit held in Rome on October 7-8, 2021.

The policy paper contains 4 recommendations

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