Deloitte Climate & Sustainability Competency Lab


Deloitte Climate & Sustainability Competency Lab

From Science to Business: providing companies with the knowledge to turn sustainability into action

Open Lessons Series, 2023 | 5 appointments from March to June

DCS Competency Lab carries out education and divulgation activities. It was set up with the objective of spreading scientific knowledge and strengthening the relation between academia and the market. 

It delivers open lectures held by scientific experts on issues related to climate change, so to provide the C-level and Deloitte resources the necessary tools to responsibly face the change in course. 

The audience of the lectures is made of Deloitte people and top executives from the corporate world.

The program has been realized with the support of the the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE).


  1. Provide internal and external education, by spreading scientific knowledge and providing technical content in a non-academic form.
  2. Help the C-suite acquire the necessary competencies to lead the change.
  3. Create a community of experts, academics and Chairpersons that can foster the climate change discussion.


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