Deloitte Climate & Sustainability Competency Lab


Deloitte Climate & Sustainability Competency Lab

From science to business: providing companies with the knowledge to turn sustainability into action

9 open lectures with recordings and interviews with the speakers

Businesses are increasingly required to transform, facing the challenge of complying with what is needed while also opening a path for new opportunities. The landscape companies operate in is extremely complex, which calls for adequate knowledge and tools.

The DCS Competency Lab was launched in 2023 to address this issue. The aim of our academy is to raise the level of awareness of business decision makers and advisors, bringing companies and institutions closer to the most advanced scientific research to provide more tools for action. By bridging the gap between science and the business community, we mean to help draw the map of green transition, providing open education to support companies to develop tools and solutions to drive change toward sustainable business models.

All lectures are held by international scientific experts on issues related to climate change. The speakers that have been engaged so far come from universities and research centres such as CMCC, Politecnico di Milano, MIT Sloan School of Management, Università Ca’ Foscari, Athens University of Economics and Business Università di Siena, EDHEC Business School, Bruegel, Johns Hopkins University, University of Exeter.

As the purpose of the DCS Competency Lab is to bridge the gap between science and the business community, every lecture is followed by an interview with the speaker, that goes over the main points and graphs of the topic, and provides key takeaways for the C-level: the “C-Takeaways”. You can find them in the green box on the first page of the interviews, all published in written form in the lecture’s page.

The program has been realized with the scientific support of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE).


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