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Omnichannel Transformation

The first two virtual appointments of the webinar series organized from the Deloitte Fashion & Luxury Center Of Excellence: "Omnichannel Transformation" will take place on the 2nd and 4th of March.

With today’s Customer expecting seamless cross-channel experiences, organizations need to bridge digital and physical channels and design native Omnichannel processes and capabilities.

The first topic we will focus on is Omnichannel Transformation and brings together cross-functional Deloitte experts to provide answers to key Omnichannel questions regarding the strategy, the service model, the user experience, the back-end integration or the fiscal and legal model.

Due to the great deal of contents to deepen, we will talk about Omnichannel Transformation during 2 sessions:

Session 1 | 2nd March 12pm - 1pm

A look at how organizations can transform their Omnichannel Strategy and Business Model to deliver a seamlessly integrated experience and meet their customers’ expectations.

Deloitte speakers: Giovanni Faccioli, Fashion & Luxury Center of Excellence Leader, Cristina Pasi, Fashion & Luxury Strategy Expert, Marco Delevati, Digital Commerce Lead, Simone Francia, Digital and Omnichannel Strategy Manager, Giorgio Loiodice, Omnichannel Retail Planning Lead and Antonio Miraglia, Omnichannel IT Transformation Senior Manager.

Session 2 | 4th March 12pm - 1pm

A deep dive on some essential elements as fiscal, legal and customer data compliance to regulations in a context of rapidly evolving needs.

Deloitte speakers: Giovanni Faccioli, Fashion & Luxury Center of Excellence Leader, Cristina Pasi, Fashion & Luxury Strategy Expert, Ida Palombella, Legal Partner, Barbara Rossi, Tax Partner and Alessio Uva, Privacy and Data Protection Director.

Upcoming webinars

Next appointment will take place May 4th 12pm - 1pm and will be entitled “The Boutique of the Future. How the Boutique of the Future will look like and how new technologies will transform it?”.

Don't miss the entire serie of webinars, future topics will be:

  • Luxury Customer
  • Sustainability ESG Journey
  • Inorganic Growth
  • Business Transformation.

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