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Tracking the trends 2018 blog series

Our leaders share their views on the top strategies and potential disruptors for the mining industry in 2018.

Start spreading the news: how to address mining’s image problem

Second in the series by Tim Biggs, UK Mining Leader

Mining companies have frequently been the target of criticism—some of it fair, some of it not so fair. From protests to publicity, a range of stakeholders have used a number of outlets to draw attention to mining activities.

Increasingly, criticism is coming from an unusual source—the shareholder. More and more we are hearing of shareholders asking the board uncomfortable or challenging questions.

How can mining companies win the trust of their key stakeholders?

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Commodities of the future: Predicting tomorrow's disruptors

First in the series by Phil Hopwood, Global Leader, Mining

Miners have always had to have a certain level of skill when it came to fortune-telling. It’s a long planning horizon in this industry so being able to predict the commodities of the future is critical. And while the future may be cloudy for a range of commodities, it's looking bright for those linked to electric vehicles (EVs).

The EV market is set to grow exponentially in the next 20 years. Government policies in Europe, China, and the Unites States, along with declining battery prices, appear set to encourage automakers to establish competitive prices for EVs—which should spur EV demand and offset downside risks from infrastructure and driving range limitations.

Explore how the boom of EVs will impact the mining industry.

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