Finance Transformation


Finance Transformation

Qualsiasi CFO che abbia preso parte a un'operazione di finance transformation sa bene che si tratta di un'attività complessa che porta via molto tempo. Richiede un'attenta pianificazione e molte risorse, e può essere costosa, soprattutto se non vi è a priori una pianificazione adeguata. Tuttavia l'attività di finance transformation è fondamentale se l'area Finance deve stare al passo con le esigenze e le strategie aziendali che cambiano. Deloitte aiuta i responsabili dell'area Finance a gestire le priorità d'importanza più critica , consentendo alla funzione Finance di sostenere e creare valore per l'azienda — i suoi interventi spaziano dal consolidare il ruolo della funzione Finance come partner di fiducia dell'azienda allo sviluppo di modelli operativi ad alta efficienza, all'ottimizzazione dei processi fondamentali (core) alla gestione della performance corrente.

Our Finance Transformation offerings

Not only does finance transformation engage virtually every aspect of the finance organization and the business itself—it requires integrated capabilities, ranging from technical to strategic. Our Finance Transformation services address critical issues facing finance across major industry sectors, including vision and strategy, organization and talent, business processes, and technology. Each offering is composed of select finance transformation services configured to provide more value to our clients.

Business finance

Performance management. Planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Cost and profitability management. Capabilities in these areas can serve as a catalyst to the finance organization—but they can just as easily keep it stuck in the same old ruts if not managed properly. Clients tap our business finance offerings to realize specific business objectives through these areas and more.

Our offerings include:

  • Principles of performance management
  • Planning, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Cost and profitability management
  • Management reporting and analysis
  • Business partnering

Finance strategies

When the stakes are high, incremental change may not be enough. It may be time for a change in direction. Whether you’re navigating regulatory changes, managing through a crisis, going public, or experiencing some other major shift, we help put in place finance strategies that are built with business results in mind.

Our offerings include:

  • Finance strategy
  • Capital management
  • IPO (Day 1) readiness
  • Events and turnarounds

M&A finance

In the face of a merger or acquisition, will the finance organization move to a joint function or will it divest functions? We have deep experience with both and work with you to choose the desired path for your organization to keep risk and costs in check.

Operational finance

The finance organization is only as strong as its foundation. That’s why we’ve built a practice that excels in its focus on core operational processes such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and more—foundational elements for enabling top-line business strategies.

Our offerings include:

  • Order to cash
  • Procure to pay
  • Fixed assets
  • Close, consolidate, and report
  • Shared services design and implementation
  • Outsourcing design and implementation

Service delivery model design

Form follows function—the way your finance organization is structured should directly reflect and support its role in the business. Many finance organizations across various industries are being asked to provide more insights and proactive decision support while reducing costs. The order of the day seems to be do more with less, leading many finance leaders to seek new operating models to tackle the dynamic marketplace.

Deloitte’s Finance Operating Model offering focuses on developing a more effective and efficient model for finance operations. Our services encompass:

  • Operating Model Design
  • Shared Services Design & Implementation
  • Outsourcing Design & Implementation
  • Organization Design

Finance Transformation

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