2015 Q1 Global CFO Signals


2015 Q1 Global CFO Signals™

A runway for growth

While levels of uncertainty are on the rise, many CFOs have the opportunity and the wherewithal to focus on corporate growth. And judging by the results of the 17 countries reporting in the Q1 2015 edition of Global CFO Signals, they intend to take full advantage.

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How does CFO sentiment in Q1 2015 break down? What follows is a synopsis by region:

  • Argentina: Still pessimistic, just less so
  • Australia: Optimism returns as dollar tumbles
  • Austria: A hint of economic optimism
  • Belgium: Favorable business conditions give confidence
  • Finland: Finding the rhythm and the courage
  • France: Defensive, yet looking to grow
  • Germany: Focused on growth, despite the risks
  • Ireland: The view on public policy
  • Italy: Optimism is back
  • Netherlands: Getting back to normal
  • New Zealand: A taste for growth, but no real hunger?
  • North America: Continued optimism, despite volatility
  • Norway: The turning point
  • Spain: Toward sustainable growth of the Spanish economy
  • Sweden: Strong growth expectations
  • Switzerland: Riders on the currency storm
  • United Kingdom: Election casts a long shadow
Download the report for more on CFO sentiment in Q1 2015.

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