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Time for Talent

The fourth issue of FinTech Talks magazine casts a light on talent and on the initiatives aimed to promote young leaders, starting with SIAT Game of Mind – Powered by Deloitte Consulting alongside with articles on Insurtech, Cloud, Blockchain and Embedded Finance.

The introduction of emerging technologies in the Financial Services industry opened up not only new opportunities and new ways of doing business for organizations in the FS market. Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Big Data Analytics and, of course, Blockchain and DeFi determined a pivotal moment for the industry: the begininnig of a new “FSI Democratization Era”.

Thanks to Decentralized Finance apps and protocols, everyone can become a lender or an insurer. Everyone can start investing on a social investing platform or managing their assets online with just a few clicks.

Although, these opportunities come with a challenge: making financial tools and services open and accessible to anyone calls for the need of a pervasive financial education for all. Only educating users to a responsible financial behaviour, anyone could really benefit from financial services democratization.

The fourth issue of FinTech Talks Magazine revolves around the topics of talent and education, putting on the spotlight the activities aimed to improve financial education and train the next generation of leaders. Amongst them, you will find SIAT Game of Mind – powered by Deloitte Consulting, the financial literacy contest that involved more than 300 students in a challenge about financial education. Besides, you will find the final paper produced by the students of the Master in Finance and Fintech of Bologna Business School, where Deloitte coordinates a course on the trends in the FinTech Industry that is now at its fourth edition.

What are the perspective of these young talents towards the new financial world? How will emerging technologies shape their perception and their opportunities for the future? These are the question the fourth issue of FinTech Talks Magazine tries to answer.

In this issue Deloitte brought together experts and FinTech leaders, as well as giving voice to some of the “leaders of the future” sharing their point of view on the evolution of the Financial Services Industry:

  • Alessandro Mercuri, Deloitte Central Mediterranean Consulting Leader
  • Silvia La Fratta, Deloitte Central Mediterranean Consulting People & Purpose Leader
  • Robbie Henderson, Portfolio Manager at BNY Mellon Blockchain Innovation Fund
  • Max Cavazzini, Head of Industrial EMEA at Amazon Web Services
  • Daniele Petecchi, Head of Data Management and Data Science at Pirelli
  • Daniele Bobba, Partner, Big Data & Insight Driven Organization Leader at Deloitte Consulting S.r.L. S.B.
  • Paolo Rubano, Finance Transformation Director at Generali
  • Luca Giuratrabocchetta, Cloud for FSI Leader at Deloitte Consulting S.r.L. S.B.
  • Luigi Renis, Key Account Director at Google Cloud
  • Romano Sacchi, Insurance Leader at Deloitte Consulting S.r.L. S.B.
  • Paolo Ferrari, Co-founder, VP Sales & Business Development at Entangled AI ltd.
  • Gabriel De Dominicis, CEO at Entangled AI ltd.
  • Luca Bagato, Professor at Economics and Social Sciences Department, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  • Michele Clementi, Professor at Department of Statistical Sciences "Paolo Fortunati", University of Bologna
  • Cesar Arango Gomez, Master Finance & Fintech, BBS – Bologna Business School
  • Thomas Taroni, Master Finance & Fintech, BBS – Bologna Business School
  • Evelina Thrasyvoulidou, Master Finance & Fintech, BBS – Bologna Business School
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