FinTech Talks Magazine

Together Towards Tomorrow

The third issue of FinTech Talks magazine shares findings and ideas from FinTech Talks’ Sixth Edition alongside with articles on FinTech, Insurtech, ESG, Blockchain and a deep dive on Cloud and IT modernization.

Financial services are a business built on trust.

The combination of accelerating innovation and increasing collaboration is the fundamental equation for success in the financial market. In this context, FinTech can act as a catalyst, bringing together different players fostering inclusion, collaboration and idea sharing.

That’s why the Sixth Edition of FinTech Talks focused on three disruptive technologies that are changing the way Financial Services players work together to build new solutions and products.

The first one is embedded finance, a new paradigm that allows financial and non-financial organizations to share products, ideas and capabilities having as a goal to ease the customer journey and better respond to their needs.

The second one is Cloud, which is shifting day to day from an IT-only solution, to a driver of overall business growth. This happens since Cloud increases the level of efficiency in organizations, it is a catalyst that can accelerate technological innovation, it allows new ideas and products to be implemented quickly, and finally, it enables collaboration internally and with the broader FSI ecosystem.

Collaboration and sharing are also at the core of the third trend we identified, Decentralized Finance or De-Fi. We explored De-Fi as an extension of embedded finance, where the collaboration is embedded in a Decentralized App, leading to a real democratization of financial services.

FinTech Talks Magazine is your guide into the new world of collaboration FinTech is building today. In this issue Deloitte brought together experts and FinTech leaders from all over the world:

  • Christian Sarafidis, Global Responsible for Financial Services Industry Solutions at Microsoft
  • Daniel Marovitz, Senior Vice President of Fintech at
  • Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO at Gaia-X AISBL
  • Irina Chuchkina, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Thunes
  • Nicola Ciniero, Board Member at Elmec Informatica S.p.A.
  • Matteo Concas, Global head of digital banking solutions at Enel X
  • Alberto Dalmasso, CEO & Founder at Satispay
  • Laura Grassi, Head of FinTech & InsurTech Observatory at Politecnico di Milano
  • Alessandro Piva, Director of Cloud Transformation Observatory at Politecnico di Milano
  • Valeria Portale, Head of Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Observatory at Politecnico di Milano
  • Francesco Rinaudo, Head of Professional Services at Google
  • Filipe Teixeira, CIO at Illimity
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