The rise of managed services in financial services

How firms are adopting managed services for risk and compliance

As financial institutions navigate today’s unpredictable economic and regulatory landscape, the pressure on risk and compliance operating models is increasing. Adoption of managed services is rising as firms seek a more strategic response in order to better organize, operate, and safeguard their business. Given that the adoption of managed services entails the transfer of a higher degree of control to a third party, determining when and how to adopt them is key to success.

This Deloitte Global article discusses internal and external forces driving firms to consider new operating models and highlights the benefits of partnering with a managed services provider to transform their risk and compliance functions.

The article also addresses key questions including:

  1. What benefits can a tightly integrated managed services partnership offer?
  2. What processes or operations are best suited for managed services?
  3. What factors are key to a successful managed services implementation?

Read the article to learn how financial institutions can partner with a managed services provider to improve outcomes across a wide spectrum of risk, regulatory, cyber, legal, and compliance operations, so that their resources can focus on driving growth and competitive advantage.

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