Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services

An industry view

Leaders of financial services institutions are concerned and excited about the business implications of Artificial Intelligence. Firms across the globe are becoming aware of the power of these technologies and are now starting to explore how AI could enable them to introduce new services to market, widening and empowering their offering, and to improve existing business and operational capabilities.

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AI and you

Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence from the EMEA financial services industry

The paper, based on an EMEA FSI survey conducted jointly by Efma and Deloitte, aims at inspect the industry sentiment about Artificial Intelligence and explore the possible and current applications that may affect the industry, enhancing its productivity. Using the insights and case studies from several firms within the industry, this paper identifies what is shaping AI thinking in Financial Institutions, the current state of the industry and the actions that will be required to understand and exploit this exponential technology.

AI and you

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EMEA FinTech Talks

Italian edition Artificial Intelligence

Deloitte was pleased to host the EMEA FinTech Talks -2nd Italian edition on March 14th 2017 in Milan.

This second edition focused on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Technologies. It was structured in two round tables, with a selected panel of important Italian and international speakers. All together, they investigated on the impact that these technologies have on the world of financial services, and how they can change their business models in the future.

Tom Davenport took part to the event as a speaker. He is amongst the world's leading experts in the field of Cognitive & AI, as well as a famous writer for the Harvard Business Review and author of over a dozen of best-selling books.

EMEA Deloitte FinTech Talks

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