Japanese Service Group

Italian lawyers for Japanese business

As one of the global leaders in legal services, Deloitte Legal has a tradition of assisting clients dealing with business across Italy and Japan.

To combine local experience and worldwide integration, Deloitte Legal promotes an Italian based Japanese Legal Service Group composed of lawyers dedicated to Japanese clients doing business in Italy and to Italian clients approaching cross-border transactions involving Japan.

The Italian based Japanese Legal Service Group combines the knowledge of the Japanese business environment and Japanese culture with the expertise and skills in legal matters and cross-disciplinary approach. Committed to continuous improvement (Kaizen), Deloitte Legal presents an innovative approach to the future of law.

Our team is composed by Italian and Japanese speaking lawyers with solid expertise in different legal practice areas and a strong focus on technology

Key contact

Ivana Azzollini

Ivana Azzollini

Partner - Torino / Genova

Ivana è partner di Deloitte dal 2014.  Prima di entrare a far parte di società di consulenza, Ivana ha avuto esperienze sostanziali in uffici legali di enti pubblici e privati. Ivana ha maturato una s... More