SAP on Google Cloud

Deloitte ERP Transformation powered by Google Cloud

Deloitte business knowledge and Google Cloud Technologies together help you launch your SAP Environment into the future. A unique approach that helps you to reduce complexities, unlock advanced capabilities and upgrade your enterprise at the pace of business.

Deloitte and Google Cloud Alliance

What’s your possible? It’s as big and bold as you want to make it. Coupled with the unparalleled power, flexibility, and security of Google Cloud, Deloitte can help you solve for dynamic new opportunities, quickly navigate challenges, align your goals with real results, and provide industry-specific solutions and experiences to unlock competitive advantage. As a premier partner of Google Cloud and the Services Partner of the Year for three consecutive years, Deloitte helps you realize your possible fast—and at scale—no matter where you are on your transformation journey. That means extended presence at the drop of a dime, agile capacity that can anticipate and react to business change quickly, and a future-proof legacy just waiting to be fulfilled.

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Deloitte business knowledge

Thanks to its multi-year experience and deep understanding of business transformation, Deloitte leverages Google Cloud cutting-edge technologies to evolve ERP transformation. Deloitte combines tools, people and knowledge to support companies in their journey to ERP evolution, maximizing its impact on processes and allowing enterprises to focus on what really matters: their business.

Specialized in guiding your SAP Transformation

Specializations | SAP on Google Cloud

A Google Cloud Specialization is the strongest signal of proficiency and experience with Google Cloud. Deloitte has been awarded for demonstrating industry-leading competencies to help clients in architecting, building, migrating, and maintaining SAP workloads on Google Cloud infrastructure.

Business Benefits for customers

Deloitte supports businesses to build their brand new ERP with a minimum effort, starting from actual data and current ERP configuration. Our unique approach analyzes processes, pain points and costs optimization; guides you through implementation and test phases, supporting your organization in its effort to minimize project duration, expenses and complexities.

We do more than help you deploying technology. We help you activating disruption-ready, built-to-evolve Kinetic Enterprise capabilities across all facets of your business. In addition to industry-specific transformation specialists, we also bring along specialists in data, analytics, human experience, finance, procurement, supply chain, change management, and more to help align your transformed business processes with new solutions and help you make an impact that matters.

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Deloitte Selective Transformation

Combining Deloitte’s distinctive business knowledge and the advanced capabilities of Google Cloud Technologies, we created Deloitte Selective Transformation, our signature approach to ERP evolution.

Selective Transformation enables to:

  • Reduce technical debt
  • Rapidly enable a modern digital core ERP running in the cloud
  • Streamline and simplify your business and IT landscape
  • Scale and innovate more readily

Selective Transformation moves your current SAP ECC environment to SAP S/4HANA and Google Cloud without requiring you to start from square one. There’s no need to bring along all your technical debt, customized code, legacy systems, and obsolete data as you transition to a new digital core ERP environment.

The solution identifies the data and the processes that matter most to your business and allows you to move just them, leveraging Google Cloud’s AI capabilities and Deloitte’s value-focused transformation services all to help save you time, labor and guesswork.

SAP S/4HANA on Google Cloud

With Selective Transformation enabled with help from Deloitte, you get the potential benefits of SAP S/4HANA such as a modern, standardized ERP, industry leading practices, streamlined and simplified processes, centralized finance capabilities, a single source of the truth for transactions, and real-time insights. You also get the potential benefits of Google Cloud and the advantages that come with cloud such as reduced total cost of ownership, instant access to innovation updates, simplified IT, security, and scalability.

And because Selective Transformation involves Google Cloud, Deloitte can help you rapidly integrate your new SAP S/4HANA on Google Cloud solutions with additional capabilities from Google. For example, you can more readily pull in insights from the Google Ads platform to enrich sales and marketing insights to support decision-making.

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