Interbank ecosystems in Europe

Italy at the center of accelerated transformation through collaboration

Deloitte has been privileged to lead the design, implementation and operation of numerous interbank ecosystems across Europe. This has provided us with distinctive insights and lessons in this domain.

In this paper we aim to combine this experience with a thorough, longitudinal analysis of 205 active interbank ecosystems we identified in Europe. It draws on both public sources and a large number of interviews with top executives in the field. We defined interbank ecosystems as any active collaboration founded in Europe after 1960 involving at least three banks, and possibly players from other industries, e.g. telecom. This analysis provided exceptional results, to the best of our knowledge never before covered in existing literature.

In addition, we zoomed in on and analyzed over 65 banking associations in Europe, with a focus on a selection of success cases related to the Italian market in order to emphasize the key role played by interbank ecosystems in Italy over the years.

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“Coherently with its mission, ABI promotes collaboration between Banks to ensure the maintenance of the right balance between cooperation and competition among the stakeholders, to help orderly, stable and efficient growth of the banking and financial sector. The collaboration between banks is expected to strengthen even further, shaping the future of the Italian Banking sector.” 

Gianfranco Torriero – Deputy Managing Director ABI

“With regards to Open Banking in Italy we are still in a phase of market evolution, in which the competitive geometry and role of the players is defining itself. It is therefore essential to have the ability to remain flexible and be open to pivoting to other solutions as market evolves. In this context, interbank ecosystems are an indispensable future necessity, which represent the core of the banking offerings and business models that are emerging.” 

Roberto Catanzaro – Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer NEXI

“This research report shows that in today’s market, which features a global scale and a particularly elevated level of dynamism and uncertainty, the role of Ecosystems has been evolving along the years. It is now shifting and undertaking a fundamental strategic role to co-evolve the capabilities and promote innovation, through shared rules and business models, in self-regulation, allowing for accessibility and interoperability. The outcomes of the analysis highlight how the resilience and the effectiveness of an ecosystem is grounded on its purpose and stand in the ability to self-steer and regulate itself, accepting the possibility to renounce to short term results, aiming to mid/long term Economies of Scale, achievable by sharing infrastructural costs.” 

Liliana Fratini Passi – CEO CBI S.c.p.a.

Italy, Poland, Portugal and Belgium are the top countries in number of interbank ecosystems.

These countries hold 30% of all ecosystem

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