Innovation Summit 2018

Innovation and Made in Italy excellences: Food, Boating, and Manufacturing

Deloitte Arena | CityLife, Milan | 7th November 2018

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Deloitte and Officine Innovazione, the innovative startup launched in April 2018, keep on focusing on the impact that innovation and technological development can have on our country’s economy.

In this regards, the 3rd edition of the Innovation Summit is one the numerous initiatives carried out. This exclusive annual event has been dedicated to CEOs and Chief Innovation Officers, innovation and business communities, startups and Italian researchers, political and academic institutions.

This edition has focused on three Made in Italy excellences – Food, Boating, and Manufacturing as drivers of growth for innovation. It aims at sharing Deloitte’s point of view to stimulate a debate among figures of the business and innovation communities and to explore strategic topics regarding the future of our country. During the event, an exclusive research conducted by Deloitte was presented. The research focuses on innovation as a lever for the economic and social growth of our country relying on the citizens’ perception.

The international prestige of the Innovation Summit 2018 is resonating thanks to the presence of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web.

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Fausto Boni

Founding Partner, 360 Capital Partners

Luciano Fontana

Director, Corriere della Sera

Claudio Giuliano

Founder and Managing Partner, Innogest

Maurizio Gardini

President, Gruppo Conserve Italia

Luigi Nicolais

Professor Emeritus, University of Naples Federico II
President, Materias

Davide Oldani


Andrea Poggi

Innovation Leader, Deloitte Italia

Ferruccio Resta

President, Politecnico di Milano

Massimo Sideri

Chief Editor, Corriere Innovazione

Lamberto Tacoli

President, Associazione Nautica Italiana
President and CEO, Perini Navi

Gianluca Giovannetti

Chief Innovation and Business Services Officer, Amadori

Giacomo Fanin

Chief Innovation Officer, Cereal Docks

Key contact

Andrea Poggi

Andrea Poggi

Innovation Leader DCM e capo delegazione Deloitte del B7

Andrea Poggi è Global Lead Client Service Partner e Deputy CEO di Deloitte Central Mediterranean (DCM). È a capo della practice DCM Innovation, che ha fondato nel 2014, ed è CEO di Officine Innovazion... More

Francesco Iervolino

Francesco Iervolino


Francesco Iervolino è Partner del network Deloitte Central Mediterranean (Italia, Grecia e Malta). Nel corso dei suoi quasi 20 anni di carriera ha maturato una significativa esperienza nella consulenz... More