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Moving Beyond Marketing: Generating Social Business Value across the Enterprise

Findings from the 2014 social business global executive study and research project

The third annual research study by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte probes executives’ views of the social business opportunity and how companies are harnessing its value. The report is based on responses from 4,803 business executives across 26 industries and 109 countries, and incorporates interviews with more than 20 executives and subject matter specialists.

This year’s research indicates that a company's social business maturity - the breadth and sophistication of its initiatives - is a good predictor of the value derived from social business initiatives. We detail the drivers of that maturity and how companies are using social business beyond the marketing function to transform their organizations and reap greater gains. 

Highlights from the 2014 report include:

  • Social business is perceived as important both today and in the future
  • Employees want to work for companies that excel at social business
  • Measurement sophistication is starting to prove the value
  • Social business maturity is related to the level of results companies achieve
  • Companies can fuel social business maturity by focusing on its three primary drivers:
    1. Using social business data in decisions
    2. Having a leadership vision premised on the belief that social can fundamentally change the business
    3. Moving social business beyond marketing to realize that vision


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Moving beyond marketing: Generating social business value across the enterprise

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