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Carlo Peschiera

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Consulting partner with over 30 years of experience within Deloitte organization. I joined Deloitte in 1985 in the audit division becoming partner in 1996 and I switched into Consulting in 1999.
I’ve developed my experiences, as well as "external auditor“ and as “business advisor”, on all of the main clients’s corporate and governance issues (corporate process and reorganization transformation, cost reduction, internal controls and risk management, accounting/bookkeeping, support processes development, HR payroll, tax compliance, SSC creation and outsourcing projects).
I've also specialized in these years in managing Business Transformation projects, on aspects of governance and strategy, organization / processes and IT and digital systems.
In my career I've worked with a wide range of national and international clients.
I was member of the Board of Partners of Deloitte for 8 years.
I'm the responsible in Consulting for developing Deloitte Private market.

Carlo Peschiera