Fabio Luca Crepaldi

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Fabio Luca Crepaldi

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Fabio has 18+ years of experience in the field of risk management for Financial Institutions. He graduated magna cum laude in Economics and Business Administration in 2002 and started his career working for a global credit bureau. He then spent about 10 years serving for a Big Four before joining Deloitte on 2016, where he now leads the Basel proposition at Deloitte Central Mediterranean level, serving a number of Italian and European leading financial institution. Fabio acts as a lecturer on Risk Management items for various Master Degrees, including SDA Bocconi and MIB Trieste.

During his career Fabio worked on a range of regulatory and risk management issues with particular focus on credit risk and credit operations. Amongst the others Fabio matured a strong expertise on regulatory requirements, risk governance and risk modelling with particular focus on credit risk models, internal rating systems and their integration into credit operations. On top of this Fabio gained significant experience on related Data Governance and Information Technology needs.

Fabio Luca Crepaldi