Fabrizio Marcucci

DCM S/4HANA Digital Controllership Leader

Fabrizio Marcucci

Via della Camilluccia, 589/A




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Fabrizio has more than 20 years of experience in helping management to improve organization’s effectiveness and efficiency. Responsible for projects concerning Corporate Governance, Internal Controls System, Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance.

He is in charge of projects related to risk management frameworks enhancement at Group level, digital transformation, data analytics and optimization of internal controls, internal audit outsourcing engagements for financial Companies and Groups and fraud risk management.

Fabrizio is the Deloitte Private Business Partner Leader for Risk Advisory in Italy.
He is a Certified Auditor and Assessor / Validator for Internal Audit Quality Assurance Review and qualified as “Innovation Manager” with M.I.S.E.

Fabrizio Marcucci