Crisis Management

Organisations are faced with an increasing number of crisis worldwide and it is important for senior leadership to be able to respond with plans that have been tested. We can help your organisation be ready for a crisis.


Crisis management will allow your organisation to be prepared by employing a systemtic approach to mitigate potential crisis and managing those that do arise. Being ready for a crisis will greatly reduce the negative impact it can cause to your organisation. Your organisation will be able to gain a competitive advantage against the rest by having the know-hows, and recognising the course of actions due during a crisis.

How can Deloitte help?

Work with us to build a robust business continuity plan established by a business impact analysis, and conduct various exercises to test the readiness of your organisation during a crisis.

  • Exercises
    We conduct various exercises such as having a tabletop exercise which is particularly useful in informing staff of their roles and the procedures to follow in a crisis. Additionally, we can conduct ground deployment exercise to validate the readiness of your organisation in dealing with a crisis.
  • Crisis management plan
    We review and establish a crisis management plan to describe the processes your organisation should take to respond to a situation that negatively affects your organisation.


  • Business continuity management
    Organisations face potential crisis that can cause a disruption to business. We can help enhance your ability to manage recovery from a crisis to resume your day-to-day operations.
  • Crisis communications
    Many organisations do not have a structured framework and processes in place to help them clearly communicate in a crisis. We can help you transform the way you manage crisis communications.