Industry Programs

Deloitte classifies industries into seven categories and each group consisting of industry experts operates its own industries programs. Experts with extensive, in-depth knowledge and insights representing the entire industry provide more specialized, customized services in light of the unique aspects of each industry. In addition, Deloitte is determined to continuously improve service quality, as shown in the case of its industry-by-industry champion programs for selecting Deloitte specialists with expertise and experience by industry and sub-industry. Deloitte’s thorough proficiency, powered by its global networks, is what makes Deloitte the first choice of customers.

Consumer & Industrial Products (C&IP)

The C&IP industry is the industry whose impact is most keenly felt in our everyday lives and cultural activities. C&IP is thriving in diverse forms coinciding with increases in disposable income of consumers in emerging markets where globalization takes place at a rapid pace-notably in China, Vietnam and Indonesia. Deloitte C&IP group provides a wide range of services to help clients overcome economic crisis and expand overseas, ranging from strategic planning to step-by-step process innovation including cost reduction, data analysis, feasibility analysis and accounting strategy establishment. In addition, Deloitte C&IP group shares the latest databases with Deloitte member firms across the globe.

Financial Services Industry (FSI)

Deloitte’s financial services industry experts provide advanced accounting and audit, tax, financial advisory and consulting services using the most recent databases culled from their diverse work experience amassed in the financial services industry including banking, insurance, securities, capital, credit card and asset management. Along with the most recent databases derived from Deloitte’s global networks. In particular, Deloitte uses its rich talent pool to quickly cater to customer needs, separately organizing and operating the Financial Services Industry Group tailored to the financial services industry in order to provide more in-depth, specialized services.

Manufacturing (MFG)

Based on an in-depth understanding of industries, regional differences and specialized business areas through global networks, Deloitte provides service of value from its “360° Thinking” perspective. In addition to accounting audit and tax advisory services, Deloitte provides in-depth consulting
services addressing a wide range of management issues such as cost reduction, feasibility review, M&A advisory and due diligence, planning next-generation strategies and management risk control. In particular, Deloitte is a proven leader in automobile, steel, chemical, parts and materials industries.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT)

The Technology, Media & Telecommunications group is comprised of professionals with extensive experience in providing a wide range of services to over 90% of TMT companies on the Fortune’s 500 businesses list. These services range from establishing strategies to accounting audit, financial advisory, process design and IT planning and implementation. The TMT group is leading the industry by helping create innovative and creative ideas needed for businesses to stay ahead of competition and adapt to change using various global surveys, studies and events.

Energy & Resources (E&R)

Securing stable, efficient forms of energy and resources is becoming a prerequisite for effective business management and boosting national competitiveness. Deloitte manages a unified, single Deloitte global network and group of experts in mining, oil and gas, power and utilities and water treatment. Deloitte’s Energy and Resources Group is providing our clients with the top-of-the-line management solutions and the highest value through a wide range of services, such as acquisition and merger, valuation, ERS(Enterprise Risk Service), strategic planning and HR management and IT consulting. Deloitte’s specialists provide in-depth services tailored to the global business environment across the major seven industries.

Life Science & Health Care (LSHC)

With life science and healthcare industries gaining attention as future growth engines, Deloitte provides a wide range of services for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, biotech start-ups, insurance companies and public institutions, ranging from finance and tax services to consulting. In particular, Deloitte helps clients proactively cope with the latest business issues and changing market environments in life science and healthcare industries, based on its vast experience in life science, healthcare and consulting markets in many countries, including North America and Japan.

Public Sector (PS)

More fundamental questions on the extent and volume of public-sector services have been raised due to recent changes in socio-economic environments concerned. Against the backdrop, public institutions such as central and local governments are facing tough challenges as to how to improve efficiency in policy enforcement and how to reestablish themselves as public institutions by means of measures like abolishing functions that are unnecessary or overlapped with the private sector. Furthermore, there is a growing social demand for improving the efficiency of public services by taking measures like arranging responsibility based management systems and improving efficiency in organizations and human resources operations. Deloitte’s public-sector experts provide advanced accounting audit, IT planning and implementation and related consulting services to customers using their extensive work experience from various governmental agencies and public institutions. Deloitte’s experts have a broad understanding of key challenges faced by public institutions, the characteristics of the public sector and related policy directions.