What is Audit?

Audit Services

Audit services are to give credibility to a company’s financial statements prepared by management, with the aim of providing reliable information to different users accessing the information. External auditing and the roles and responsibilities of auditors are growing in importance against the backdrop of the fast-changing business environment and growth of the capital market. Deloitte’s Audit Services is making a contribution to improving credibility and stability of the capital market through sustained audit quality improvement efforts.

Deloitte’s Audit Services provides differentiated accounting audit services that can achieve customer satisfaction and compliance at the same time through introducing “Deloitte Audit”- an innovative audit methodology. Deloitte’s Audit Services provides risk assessment and technical support with respect to risk and uncertainty management. Deloitte's corporate risk experts tasked with auditing duties improve reliability of systems and processes at the enterprise level in line with the latest technical innovations, globalization trends and toughening regulations.

  • Financial Statement Audit
  • Attestation of Financial Information
  • Regulatory Compliance & Reporting
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance


  • F/S Conversion Services
  • Establishment Services for IFRS Consolidation Solution and Consolidation Package
  • Advisory and Establishment Services for IFRS System
  • Development of Valuation Model for Fair Value under IFRS
  • IFRS Advisory Services Relating to IFRS Amendment

IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)

  • Provide Support for Preparation of Financial Statements in accordance with General Accounting Standards, IFRS and Foreign Accounting Standards
  • Various Accounting, Finance and Cost Advisory Services
  • Financial Forecasting and Business Planning Support
  • Internal Control and Procedure Advisory
  • Management Assessment and Internal Audit
  • Public Listing and Capital Market Advisory Services
  • Corporate Governance Improvement Advisory
  • Implementation of “Agreed-Upon” Procedures
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Services

Other Services