What is Audit?

Audit & Assurance services

While the economic environment is changing rapidly due to globalization, technological innovations, and tightening regulations, the importance of audit which is essential for improving the transparency of corporate financial reporting and the groundwork for investor trust and allocation of capital throughout the economy is gaining more attention.

Deloitte Anjin provides differentiated services by utilizing cutting-edge technology and data analysis capabilities for audits based on a high level of professional ethics and industry expertise.


  • Financial Statement Audit and Review
  • Audit of Financial Statements in accordance with Foreign Accounting Standards
  • Specific Feature Audit
  • Public Sector and Non-profit Corporation Review/Audit
  • Attestation of Financial Information
  • Internal Accounting Control System Review
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance


  • IFRS Services
    • IFRS Advisory Services Relating to IFRS Amendments
      (IFRS 4, 9, 15, 16, 17)
    • Establishment Services for IFRS Consolidation Solution and Consulidation Package
    • Advisory and Establishment Services for IFRS System
    • Development of Valuation Model for Fair Value under IFRS
  • Internal Control and Procedure Advisory
  • Provide Support for Preparation of Financial Statements in Accordance with General Accounting Standards, IFRS and Foreign Accounting Standards
  • Various Accounting, Finance and Cost Advisory Services
  • Financial Forecasting and Business Planning Support
  • Management Assessment and Internal Audit
  • Public Listing and Capital Market Advisory Services
  • Corporate Governance Improvement Advisory
  • Implementation of Agreed-Upon Procedures
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Services

Organization and Talent Operation

Organization and Talent operation direction of Deloitte Anjin's Audit & Assurance can be summarized in the following keywords: Talent Oriented, Risk Focused, and Industry Based.

  • Talent Oriented
    To train Audit & Industry professionals, the organization has been reorganized into 13 TUs(Talent Units) composing of about 50 practitioners. We will lay foundations for training our professionals by communication and operating a more efficient OJT.
  • Risk Focused
    We strengthened our dedicated partner policy in auditing companies of specific areas. We are working to prevent errors in financial statements of both listed and unlisted companies with GTN/MGTN by operating a partner qualification policy.
  • Industry Based
    We have introduced industry-specific expert systems to utilize partners' expertise in auditing specific companies. We are making efforts to communicate key issues of our clients and industries in a timely manner and provide value added insights.

Transformation and Innovation

In order to restore the trust of clients and markets and to increase the quality and value of audits, Deloitte Anjin's Audit & Assurance is constantly pursuing development and innovation.

  • Transformational
    Pioneer a new innovative auditing system, create a new market niche, satisfy new clients' needs
  • Adjacent
    Provide Adjacency Services besides Audit Analytics
    Enhance Audit Efficiency
    Deploy Global and Local Solutions
    Expand Audit Analytics and ADC service areas
  • Core
    Serve existing markets and clients in a smarter way
  • Operational Excellence
    Improve key performance areas
    (talent management, profitability etc.)
  • Quality
    Lead Audit Quality Plan
    Enhance the competency of all
    Audit Practitioners