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Corporate governance refers to the rules, processes, and practices that govern and control a company’s interests between stakeholders including shareholders, the board, management, employees, customers, suppliers, creditors, community they operate, and the government. Corporate governance has emerged as a critical issue through nontransparency of accounting due to various domestic and foreign scandals from the past and constant efforts to adjust them.

Currently, corporate governance has become a matter of survival closely related to not only individual companies but also global management and economic developments, considering the global business environment.

In accordance with the changes in internal and external business environments, the regulators have introduced various policies to increase the proportion of independent directors within the board, to implement and utilize various expert committees such as the audit committee, to enhance the role of board of directors, and to increase transparency and efficiency of corporate management by periodic designation of auditors and so on. The board of directors and the audit committee stands in the very center of these changes.

Corporate governance, represented by the board of directors and audit committees, is the fundamental of corporate structure. Deloitte Korea Center for Corporate Governance (hereinafter referred to as the "Center") shares professional data with Deloitte Global experts on overall corporate governance and discusses pending issues and related development plans through seminars to support organizations heighten transparency and integrity and reconsider enterprise value.

The Center publishes various studies and insights of Deloitte Global experts and provides latest information, learning and seminars to enhance the expertise of the board of directors and audit committees.

We hope that companies will be able to establish efficient operating practices of the boards and audit committees and ultimately contribute to further enhance the corporate value by improving corporate governance through our Center.


Deloitte Korea Center for Corporate Governance

Center leader Han Suk Kim

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