What is Consulting?

Consulting Services

To help clients optimize their performance, Deloitte Consulting Korea offers a wide range of expertise in primary Competency Groups: Corporate Strategy, Operation Strategy, Human Capital, Enterprise Applications, Technology Integration, Finance & Risk, Actuarial & Insurance, Data Analytics.

The Competency Groups collaborate with the industry groups including Financial Services Industry, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Life Science & Healthcare and Energy & Resources to provide industry-specific client services which creates an additional competitive edge for our clients, allowing them to rapidly respond to new changes or trends in their markets.

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy helps our clients establish the means to surpass their competitors with extraordinary performance in a radically changing competitive environment. Our job is to enhance corporate executives’ decision making & action planning process in building a business portfolio strategy, Go-to-Market and expansion strategy, new business strategy and marketing strategy.

Operation Strategy

Operations Strategy brings together our CXO-related function expertise with cross-functional and infrastructure solutions to stimulate operation efficiencies that will affect the bottom line. Our practice combines key industry, service and initiative offerings to help our clients gain that competitive edge.

Financial Services

Financial Services Group provides consulting and system implementation for financial institution customer management, marketing, product development, risk management and asset management. Financial Services specialize in services addressing current financial institution needs such as improvement of the working environment to create a competitive edge and implementation of processes consistent with global management.

Human Capital

Human Capital Group consults on the full spectrum of people issues impacting an organization’s ability to maximize and sustain business growth, profitability and productivity.

Actuarial & Insurance Solutions

AIS provides comprehensive services in order to make insurance business successful and distinctive in the competitive insurance market under dynamic financial environmental changes.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics combines internal business data with internal & external big data from various sources in accordance with its purpose and provides service that increases the speed and accuracy of the entire decision making process through advanced statistical & mathematical modeling. DA service supports big data based operational innovation in Customer/ Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance, Risk, Workforce in entire industries, contributing to creation of new business models by merging state of the art technologies such as digital conversions & Internet of Things(IoT).

Technology Integration

Technology Integration offers efficient IT integration strategy for sector-by-sector business optimization and uses globally tested and verified methodologies of IT strategy consulting, architecture design, IT system implementation and management to provide IT transformation service. Specifically TI provides optimal service with vast experience in process improvement, large-scale IT implementation/ management of CRM, Customer Care, Billing, Purchasing and Workforce Management.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Application supports enterprises in resolving their complex business issues by optimally reengineering their business processes utilizing a combination of industry knowledge and experience with global innovation cases. Through this, we recommend the most tangible and effective strategy regarding system implementation so that enterprises can ultimately improve their business performance in the shortest amount of time. Additionally, our Enterprise Applications group provides Application Implementation and Operation Support services including ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM(Supply Chain Management), MDM(Master Data Management), BI(Business Intelligence) and Digital Marketplace/ Enterprise Portal to ensure profitability, productivity and efficiency in business performance.