Energy & Resources

Energy & Resources - REI Division offers a full range of Energy & Resources services including provision of feasibility study, review of tariff negotiation and assessment of competitive bidding proposal for traditional power generation project (thermal and hydro power), renewable energy projects (solar and wind power), and resource development projects (gas exploration and drilling).


Our Services

  • Renewable Energy
    • Advisory service for developer, financial institution, and constructor in relation to wind, solar and renewable energy projects
    • Review financing structure to reflect the nature of each renewable energy project
    • Perform business feasibility
  • Generation
    • Provide feasibility study on the construction of new power plant in Korea and give advisory on investment procurement
    • Risk analysis including licensing and regulatory for outbound power plant construction
    • Offer tariff regotiation strategy for foreign PPP contract
  • Resource
    • Advisory on Big Data Analytics on Mining and Oil & Gas sectors, profit and cost analysis system establishment, and integration strategy of IT and Operations
    • Advisory on the cost management system establishment
  • Energy Corp. M&A
    • Analysis and review of basic data through financial modeling
    • Identify major issues and analyze key competitiors
    • Support M&A Process
    • PMI(Post merger Integration) Consultation

Contact Information

Jong Woo Lee

Jong Woo Lee

Partner, Financial Advisory Services

Jong Woo is a leading partner for the REI Division - E&I(Energy & Infra) service in Financial Advisory Group. He has specialized in due diligence services and financial modeling including cross-border... More