M&A Corporate Finance

M&A Group's Corporate Finance provides M&A lead advisory financial advisory service and capital raising advisory service to our clients.

Our M&A professionals with expertise, rich experiences and networks offer successful solutions that best suit our client's needs.

  • Target Screening and Selection
    • Deriving target selection criteria and process
    • Selecting the target, considering the client's M&A strategy, financial status, budget as well as the target's value and profitability.
  • Tapping M&A Targets and Deal Process Management
    • Thorough analysis of the target companys and tapping selling intention
    • Support the preparation of required documents (M&A proposal, confidentiality agreement, letter of intent, etc.)
  • Developing M&A Deal Structure
    • Developing the deal structure that fits with the client's M&A strategy and objectives, and maximizes investment profits, considering finance, accounting, tax, law and regulation issues, etc.
  • Deal Negotiation and Closing
    • Supporting the negotiation for the optimal deal execution by advising negotiation strategies
    • Documentation and closing support
  • Investment Attraction and Financing
    • Support preparation for investment attraction and financing

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