Value Creation Services (VCS)

Value Creation Services - Deal Division provides a comprehensive service that covers diagnosis, PMI, enterprise value enhancement, and sales value maximization from deal execution stage to exit stage.

We provide the ideal solution based upon the PE House mindset for realizing successful investment profit and improving medium-to-long term value of portfolio companies.


Our Services

  • PMI / Enterprise Value Enhancement
    • Establishing and Executing a comprehensive plan
      • Day 1 / 100-Day Plan
    • Establishing a Value-up plan
      • Establishing core issues for improvement
      • Crystalizing value creation execution plan
    • Performing financial performance enhancing activities
      • Increasing sales, improving profitability and improving asset productivity
    • Performing activities reinforcing execution ability to achieve operational excellence
      • Monitoring issues by key areas for improvement
      • PI (Process Innovation)
  • Sales Value Maximization
    • Sell-Side Support
      • Diagnosing and quantifying achievable value enhancing potential by cost/revenue
      • Identifying potential elements that can affect the deal value to either increase or decrease, and troubleshooting problems
      • Full-potential report
      • Bid defense
  • ODD
    • Deriving Value-Up opportunities and solidifying prospects
      • Analyzing deterring elements and improvement opportunities for value enhancement
      • Deriving Upside Potential for value enhancement
        (Combining Diagnosis Framework with hypothetical DB based on the nature of the business)

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Sang Wook Nam

Sang Wook Nam

Partner, Financial Advisory Services

Sang Wook is the leader of Deal Division in Deloitte Korea FA (Financial Advisory). He has specialized in acquisition due diligence and advisory on M&A transactions and rendered services to major stra... More