After global credit crisis in 2008, banking industry is faced with tough situation requiring complying with regulations and Basel II, pursuing low risk and low return business, enlarging capital and developing new profit sources in the face of M&A activities.

Deloitte FSI group offers customized services to banks in complex and dynamic environments and a situation requiring us to enhance competitiveness.

  • GAAP changes
    Request generating financial information and reporting in accordance with IFRS
  • Post-IFRS
    Need of developing new products, improving internal processes and managing KPI and risk under IFRS
  • Capital Market Integration Act
    Need of developing system for various product developments, service offering system and its risk management
  • Spread of risk management culture
    Need of enhancing profitability and spreading the risk management culture to control risk, and establishing a risk based KPI and management decision-making system
  • Profitability enhancement and Cost reduction
    Need of profitability analysis and improvement of internal processes for profitability enhancement and cost reduction
  • Stress test
    Enhancing liquidity risk control ability and developing prior preparation system for stress situation
  • Financial holdings
    Need of enhancing an inter-company synergy, establishing governance for management efficiency, and managing comprehensive risk and profitability.