Mutual savings bank & Credit-specialized financial business

Korean credit specialized financial business has successfully grown through the competition among various financial services. To achieve constant growth in the rapidly changing financial environment and aggregated financial regulation and rules, professionals, having a deep understanding of the credit-specialized business Act, are needed.

Deloitte offers the best combined services to cope with various challenges based on the experiences of credit card business, facilities leasing business, installment financing business, and venture capital business and partnership.

  • Biased risk for loan portfolio
    Need of adjusting a loan portfolio concentrated on economic sensitive industry like real-estate
  • Tightening of the financial supervisor's surveillance on PF loan
    Need of complying with newly introduced PF 'Forward looking' criteria
  • Intensified competition in auto finance
    Need of responding to the intensified competition caused by new business launched by some banks
  • Possibility of increase in credit risk of low credit borrower
    Need of increasing ability to absorb losses and reinforcing risk management
  • Return to credit card only business system from credit card business system run by bank
    Need of establishing strategy for returning to only credit card business, efficient organization hierarchy, IT and operating process
  • Intensified marketing of additional service of credit card company
    Need of exact profit-loss analysis because of the increase of marketing cost impacting negatively on the revenue
  • Convergence of card, telecommunication and channel
    Need of strategy to maximize the synergy
  • Intensified competition among card companies
    Need of comprehensive improvement in product design-marketing-sales process to quickly deliver optimized product with optimized price to the target customers