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Social Progress Imperative

Deloitte's strategic partnership with SPI

A robust and prosperous society requires effective growth to include both economic progress and social progress. The complexity of the big societal challenges demands collaboration. But no one sector, including business, can do it alone. Deloitte Global and its member firms, Social Progress Imperative (SPI) and leaders from academia and other organizations are working together to drive cross-sector collaboration and highlight barriers to achieving true progress.

NEW: Launch of the 2015 Social Progress Index

The 2015 Social Progress Index provides a holistic measure of well-being for 133 countries, covering 94% of the world’s population.

How did your country do?

Business and society are linked

Deloitte believes that business has the power and responsibility to help build a robust and prosperous society.

Business serves human needs and desires, creating vital products and services, which drive social and economic development. Thus, a sustainable and prosperous society needs thriving businesses – and for business to thrive over a sustained period, it needs to operate in a prosperous society. Progress in one invariably drives progress in the other.

The Deloitte network does this every day through client service work, corporate responsibility programs and strategic partnerships. These provide the opportunity for Deloitte people to use their expertise and insights, and engage their networks, to address issues that matter most to society.

To create growth and competitiveness business needs to help tackle the big issues facing society and drive progress through innovative ideas and products. 

"There is a powerful connection between economic and social development. Trying to separate the two is a big mistake."

Michael Porter
Bishop William Lawrence University Professor, Harvard Business School

Watch the Social Progress Index Ted Talk

The Telegraph newspaper in the UK has included Michael Green’s presentation on the Social Progress Index in their list of the ten best TED talks. Learn more about what the Social Progress Index can reveal about your country.

Social Progress Imperative

Social Progress Imperative (SPI) is changing the way we work to solve the world's most pressing challenges, redefining how the world measures success and helping actors from across sectors come together, speak a common language, and drive measurable change. 

SPI revolutionizes social problem solving by: 

  • Enabling leaders to systematically identify and prioritize issues through the Social Progress Index.
  • Empowering leaders to convene all the right local actors, global partners, and subject-matter experts necessary to develop and deploy meaningful solutions, through the power of Social Progress Networks.

Learn more about Social Progress Imperative.

“Deloitte is collaborating with the Social Progress Imperative and others because we believe business has a role to play in helping solve the world’s critical issues and the Index is a tool that can ignite collective action from business, government, and society.”

Steve Almond
Global Chairman, Deloitte Global

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