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Deloitte Webinar | Waiting for tax audits or what can we expect after the state of emergency?

23 and 29 April 2020 

Dear colleagues,

As a consequence of the state of emergency in Kazakhstan, many processes involving interaction with the state authorities have been suspended or significantly slowed down. This includes processes related to tax audits, other forms of tax control, and the dispute of tax audit results and the actions of tax authority representatives. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that on 23 and 29 April 2020, the Deloitte team will be holding webinars to help you and your teams prepare for future tax audits, learn how to interact with tax authority representatives, and study the principles behind building a strategy to protect interests when appealing audit results.

The webinars will be facilitated by the following Tax and Legal Departments members:

Tax group:

·       Andrey Zakharchuk, Partner

·       Anel Tursunkulova, Senior Manager

·       Ruslan Zharkinbayev, Senior

Legal group:

·       Agaisha Ibrasheva, Partner

·       Rinata Zhulayeva, Senior Manager

We look forward to having you join our webinars!

Let us know if you have any questions in advance so that we can discuss them during the webinar (sample). To send us your question, please, click on the link

Part 2. Tax disputes: how to build a strategy?

Date: 29 April 2020 

TIme: 11.00–12.00 Nur-Sultan time

Language: Russian

Meeting ID: 937 8047 8220
Password: 090052


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Part 2 | 29 April


Part 1. Tax audits: potential risks and practical recommendations

Date: 23 April 2020 

Time: 11.00–12.00 Nur-Sultan time

Language: Russian

Meeting ID: 962 7191 5398
Password: 048034

If you have any problems joining the webinar, you can contact Ruslan Mukhametkhanov at, tel: +7 (727) 258 13 40 (etc. 2745).

If you have any additional question on the webinar subject matter, please contact Rinat Zhulayeva at 

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