Force-majeure or not force-majeure

The business community stands to suffer the most under the current conditions, as it realises its inability to meet contractual obligations or at least to do so correctly becomes unavoidable. The situation means breaching contractual obligations, leading to serious losses for businesses and both parties to contractual relations. If one party is exempt from liability for breaching obligations, the other party involved tends to suffer a loss. For this reason, to help highlight risks and at the same time mitigate the consequences of the pandemic, we have developed the following services that involve:

  • analysing your contracts for possible indemnity for failing to meet obligations, ceasing obligations, terminating contracts, both from your side and from your business partner’s side
  • analysing all possible consequences and their resolution.


Agaisha Ibrasheva

Agaisha Ibrasheva

Managing Partner, Tax & Legal Department

Agaisha has more than 21 years of professional experience. Before joining Deloitte Legal she also worked as a lawyer in several of the biggest oil companies in Kazakhstan. Agaisha obtained her Master’... More