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Published as soon as developments are announced, IFRS news is a brief newsletter outlining the amendments, additions and deletions to IFRS and tracking the work of the IASB. IFRS News provides an essential ‘heads-up’.

IFRS news is a weekly newsletter designed to highlight the most significant IFRS changes, proposals and events as reported in Deloitte IAS Plus publications. These newsletters are published at the time of release of new and revised Standards and Interpretations, Exposure Drafts and discussion documents, including summaries of the documents and considerations of the principal amendments/proposals.

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IASB introduces amendments to IFRS 2 related to the classification and measurement of share‑based payment transactions

This edition outlines the recent amendments to IFRS 2 Share‑based Payment...More

6 July 2016

IASB issues amendments to IAS 12 to clarify the recognition of deferred tax assets for unrealised losses related to debt instruments measured at fair value

The amendments clarify that unrealised losses on debt instruments measured at fair value in the financial statements but at cost for tax purposes can give rise to deductible temporary differences...More

10 February 2016

IASB issues amendments to IAS 7 Statement of Cash Flows requiring disclosure of changes in liabilities arising from financing activities

The amendments are part of the IASB’s Disclosure Initiative project and introduce additional disclosure requirements intended to address investors’ concerns that financial statements do not currently enable them to understand the entity’s cash flows; particularly in respect of the management of financing activities...More

10 February 2016

IASB issues IFRS 16 – Leases

The new Standard provides a comprehensive model for the identification of lease arrangements and their treatment in the financial statements of both lessees and lessors. It supersedes IAS 17 Leases and its associated interpretative guidance...More

25 January 2016

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