Oil and Gas Industry Barometer - 2018

The base for future growth: maintaining performance indicators and keeping up with the pace of technology  

The results of this survey is based on expert interviews with top management from Russia’s leading oil and gas companies.

Interviews with experts show that the representatives of the O&G industry are optimistic about both the current state of affairs and the outlook for the industry. We polled our experts regarding the key areas of investment in 2018. The absolute majority is not going to invest in other industries and will remain ‘faithful’ to the O&G industry, particularly to the refining business.

Our O&G interviewee expect the market to grow slightly in 2018.

When speaking on the topic of oil demand in Russia in 2018, our O&G experts expect it to remain flat compared to the current levels. The CEOs of O&G companies expect the global demand for oil to increase slightly.

The local demand for gas is likely to increase slightly. While the global demand for gas is set to grow significantly.

Our O&G experts believe that the oil and gas prices in 2018 are set to remain at the level of the end of 2017.

According to the results of the interview, we identified Top- 5 barriers and drivers of the O&G sector, as well as identified the most popular technologies in the industry.

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