Capital Projects in the Digital Age


Capital Projects in the Digital Age

The Capital Project of the Future

Harnessing emerging technologies and building a digital capability can help take Capital Project delivery and operations to new frontiers of efficiency and control to foster market-leading performance.

The Capital Projects industry has historically underinvested in technology and has been resistant to change.

There is an opportunity to use technology to leverage delivery and the potential to achieve operational savings.

We are in a “golden age” of technology where advancements in finance platforms, internet based sensor technology, unmanned vehicles, cloud based solutions and analytics capabilities are converging to provide a paradigm shift for Capital Projects, creating real opportunities that industry players can capitalise on right now.

This document highlights particular technologies which we see making a real impact on how Capital Projects of the future may be delivered and the specific impact they are expected to realise. Also, it provides a view of steps organisations can take to plan and develop long term digital strategies to facilitate adoption of cutting edge technologies and embed digital trends.

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