Integrated solutions


Integrated solutions

Financial Services Industry

We provide audit, tax, legal, consulting and corporate finance services to central, commercial and investment banks, brokers, insurers, stock exchanges and other financial institutions.

Audit services

  • Audit of financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) or other international standards (also as part of IPO preparation) 
  • Quarterly/half-year review of financial statements 
  • Services related to floating and placement  of securities, including the preparation of comfort letters 

Enterprise Risk Solutions (ERS)

Internal Audit:

  • Full or partial outsourcing of internal audit
  • Corporate governance
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Assessment of risks and control procedures in the field of IT
  • Building an internal audit function
  • Development of a strategic development plan for internal audit function
  • Optimization of internal audit function
  • Internal audit training sessions
  • Quality assessment services
  • Inspection and consulting services for the observation of contractual conditions by third parties


Internal Control: 

  • Building an internal control system
  • Optimization of internal control system.
  • Test of design and operational efficiency of internal control system
  • Introduction of control procedures when implementing projects for the reform of the finance function and the implementation of ERP systems
  • Internal Control Training Programs


Information Security:

  • Determination of information used by the organization
  • Assessment of probability and consequences of information leak
  • Assessment of efficiency of existing protection instruments
  • Development of a reaction strategy for possible information leaks 
  • Cooperation in the selection and implementation of data leak prevention instruments

Strategy and Operational Effectiveness

  • Strategy development

Identification of long-term development priorities, implementation of shareholders' and top management's vision.

  • Organizational design

Optimization of organizational structure, creation of new functions, implementation of changes.

  • Headcount optimization

Identification of target employee number, workload distribution, benchmarking of productivity.

  • Design of a KPI motivation system

Development of objective reward criteria, relation of reward payments to the financial results of the organization.

  • Cost reduction

Optimization of procurement, improvement of business processes, infrastructure and organizational structure.

  • Increase in sales efficiency

Optimization of role allocation, regular management procedures, implementation of balanced motivation system.

  • Business-processes improvement

Stream-lining of processes, reduction of failures, controls system optimization, process-oriented approach implementation.

  • Project management office set-up

Reduction in projects’ time and budgets, increase in performance of complex projects & programs.

  • Post Merger Integration

Implementation of target operating model, reduction of project integration risks, achievement of synergy effects.

Technology Integration Services

  • Optimization and automation of sales process for financial institutions: Increase up- and
  • Cross-sales
  • Optimization and automation of the lending processes
  • Data analysis and Implementation of information management services
  • IT project portfolio management and setup of the Program Management Office
  • IT services efficiency improvement and optimization
  • Payment processes automation

Legal consulting services

  • Advice on corporate law;
  • Advice to businesses facing high levels of state regulation;
  • Corporate management and the law;
  • Legal support for M&A and reorganization;
  • Legal advice on IPOs;
  • Preparation and analysis of all contract types;
  • Advice on intellectual property issues;
  • Advice on all aspects of financial law (including stock market, insurance, banking and leasing legislation, and currency exchange regulation);
  • Currency control.

Tax consulting services

International tax

  • International tax planning aimed at optimization of the organizations’ business model and improvement of the efficiency of businesses
  • Analysis and recommendations in relation to existing ownership and funding structures
  • Structuring of cross-border investments
  • Consultation regarding tax efficient international group structuring
  • Tax structuring for IPO/private placements
  • Exit-strategies planning
  • Consulting services on foreign tax law with the assistance of Deloitte Global Network

Transfer pricing

  • Analysis of business operations of an organization and identification transactions subject to transfer pricing (TP) scrutiny control
  • Selection of transfer pricing methods that best suit organizations’ pricing policies and comply with the TP regulations effective in the country
  • Benchmark studies using statistical data bases (Amadeus, Ruslana, Thompson Reuters, Bloomberg, Statistics Agency etc.)
  • Transfer pricing planning and preparation of TP documentation and TP policy
  • Adaptation of Global TP policies of multinational enterprises to local TP regulations
  • Recommendations for reducing additional tax risks related to TP
  • Competent assistance during tax audits related to transfer pricing, performed by a designated Transfer Pricing group.
  • Representing organizations’ interests in courts during appeal of the results of TP audits by the tax authorities

Business Tax

  • Consulting in relation to various corporate taxation issues in different industries, including banking, oil and gas, mining, consumer products industries
  • Comprehensive and high level tax reviews, identification of tax risks and recommendations for mitigation of the risks
  • Preparation of Tax accounting policies for organizations
  • Other advisory services in relation to specific taxation issues
  • Tax due diligence

Financial Advisory

Transaction support

  • Acquisition due diligence (“Buy-side”)
  • Vendor due diligence (“Sell-side”)
  • Vendor assist
  • Negotiation support
  • Debt restructuring support (Independent Business Review preparation)
  • Assistance with drafting/analysis of Sale and Purchase Agreements
  • Analytical support of capital market deals (long-form report, working capital report)


Forensic and dispute services

  • Fraud and Accounting Investigations
  • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Services
  • Dispute Services
  • Business Intelligence Services 
  • Capital Projects
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Fraud Risk Management and Compliance Services
  • e-Discovery
  • Analytics


Valuation and financial modelling

  • Business valuation/value analysis
  • Fixed asset valuation
  • Purchase price allocation and intangible asset valuation
  • Financial modelling