Talent acquisition revisited

Deploy new approaches for the new battlefield

Talent acquisition and recruiting are undergoing rapid disruption, challenging companies to leverage social networks, aggressively market their employment brand, and re-recruit employees every day.

The war for talent is far from over. Companies looking to recruit and acquire talent now compete on a new battlefield shaped by global talent networks and social media and defined by employment brands and changing views of careers. Sixty percent of respondents to our global survey have already or are currently updating and revamping their talent sourcing strategy, and another 27% are considering changes.

Faced with a scarcity of key skills and rapidly evolving talent demands, companies that fail to adapt will likely be on the losing end when it comes to attracting and accessing the people and skills they need. Our research clearly shows a major transformation taking place in this area and a need for companies to re-invest in and re-engineer their end-to-end talent acquisition programs.

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