Recent and expected changes to compliance 

Upcoming webinars

Compliance has recently been receiving increased attention, also due to legislative amendments. Below you can find the list of upcoming webinars of the latest and expected changes to compliance law in Kazakhstan.

1.       Recent developments in the procurement legislation and adjacent regulations to combat corruption

  • Lessons learned from President’s speech
  • Recent amendments to in the legislation to combat corruption
  • News from Anticorruption agency: trends/steps/expected changes/anticorruption standards (ISO)
  • New increased status of Antitrust agency (expected changes)  

2.     KZ anticorruption legislation vs The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act vs UK Anti Bribery Act – general points  

  • KZ anti-corruption legislation highlights
  • FCPA highlights
  • UK Anti Bribery Act highlights    

3.     Court practices 

4.     Practical aspects

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