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Deloitte Legal team in the Caspian Region

Our professionals combine legal services with business and industry knowledge to help your company excel globally. We are a full service law firm for corporate and commercial solutions for the Caspian Region including Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Agaisha Ibrasheva - Partner | Head of the Department’s Legal Group


+77272581340 (ext. 4787)

Agaisha has more than 17 years of professional experience. Before joining Deloitte Legal she also worked as a lawyer in several of the biggest oil companies in Kazakhstan. Agaisha obtained her Master’s degree whilst working in the California headquarters of an oil company operating in Kazakhstan.

Agaisha’s experience includes advising major international companies across various industries on the acquisition of assets in the Republic of Kazakhstan, including legal due diligence, as well as advising on corporate structuring, mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, licensing and environmental issues. 

Contact Agaisha about all Legal queries in the Caspian Region.

Olessya Kirilovskaya - Senior Legal Manager


+77272581340 (ext. 8717)

Olessya has more than 10 years of professional experience as a lawyer. She joined Deloitte Legal in 2011 having previously worked in a law firm. 

Olessya consults on an extensive range of legal  issues in the Republic of Kazakhstan, including oil and gas law, environmental legislation and due diligence. Olessya also has experience of representing clients’ interests in court on various matters, including tax disputes. 

Contact Olessya about: M&A, banking, subsoil and environmental issues.

Assel Kazbekova - Legal Manager


+77272581340 (ext. 3723)

Assel joined Deloitte Legal in 2010 and has over 10 years of experience working in the legal industry. Assel specialises in labour and immigration law.

Assel has extensive experience of working on due diligence exercises in the field of M&A and finance. She also advises clients on subsoil use and ecology, currency control, anti-monopoly, bankruptcy and various corporate issues related to doing business in Kazakhstan.

Contact Assel about: corporate and labour law issues.

Sholpan Dossymkhanova - Customs Manager


+7 727258 13 40 (ext. 8558)

Sholpan is a Manager at Deloitte Legal dealing with customs issues. 

Sholpan has more than 23 years of professional experience, including over 13 years of experience working within the customs authorities of Kazakhstan.

Sholpan’s professional experience includes providing consulting services on various customs issues structuring foreign trade operations, optimising companies’ business processes, consulting on determining customs values and assisting companies in litigation against the decisions of customs authorities.

Contact Sholpan about: customs issues.

Caroline Armitage - Senior Legal Consultant 


+7 727 258 13 40 (ext. 8557)

Caroline is an English lawyer and advises on international law issues in Kazakhstan and the CIS; she has recently advised a CIS IT company on the use of English law security arrangements, has worked on restructuring corporate governance arrangements for an O&G services company and has assisted on legal due diligence projects for SSUs.  Her background is in regulatory and energy law, having worked at Ofgem,  the gas and electricity regulator in Great Britain, for a number of years; there she advised on key regulatory projects including the implementation of the European Third Package of energy legislation. Caroline also worked on a high-profile anti-trust investigation which was eventually appealed up to the Court of Appeal of England & Wales. Caroline trained at Simmons & Simmons in London.

Contact Caroline about: English, international and energy law issues.

Viktoriya Tyan - Legal Manager 


+77272581340 (ext. 5784)

Viktoriya is a Manager at Deloitte Legal and is based in our Astana office.

Viktoriya has extensive experience in supporting some of the largest multinational companies on many aspect of Kazakh law. In particular, she conducts pre-investment legal due diligence exercises, including those related to mergers and acquisitions and she advises on currency control, antimonopoly, and immigration law. Viktoriya’s passion lies in innovation projects and advising technology companies. 

Contact Viktoriya about: IP and IT issues. 

Assel Assubayeva - Senior Legal Consultant


+7 727 258 13 40 (ext. 4741)

Assel has extensive experience in advising on contract law, commercial law issues, representing clients before state authorities and registration activities of legal entities. Assel also specialises in labour, subsoil use and energy legislation. In addition, Assel has participated in investment and privatisation projects.  

Nurzhan Dairbekov - Senior Legal Consultant


+7 727258 13 40 (ext. 3703)

Nurzhan is a Legal Senior at a legal group of the Tax and Legal Department. Nurzhan holds a degree of bachelor of laws with specialization on jurisprudence of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, and LLM academic degree on International Law awarded from Lancaster University, the United Kingdom. Nurzhan has more than 6 years of legal experience working in international and major production companies. Nurzhan is assigned to the group counselling lawsuits on tax, customs, ecology and commercial and other disputes. He has expertise on counselling disputes with involvement of local and foreign companies before arbitrage and state courts of general jurisdiction. He also has expertise on drafting of complex contracts, counselling M&A, undertaking due diligence, consulting on corporate and labour laws as well as specializes on tax counselling

Karina Syzdykova - Senior Legal Consultant 


+77272581340 (ext. 2733)

Karina is a Senior Legal Consultant at Deloitte Legal.  

Karina has extensive experience in advising on contractual law issues, representing clients before state authorities, registration activities of legal entities and labour issues. Karina also specialises in subsoil use legislation, including issues related to subsoil use contracts and production sharing agreements, as well as in legal due diligence.

Kuralay Abdygalimova - Legal Consultant


+7 727 258 13 40 (ext. 2783)

Kuralay has extensive experience in advising on contractual law issues, representing clients before state authorities and registration activities of legal entities. Kuralay also specialises in labour issues, including issues related to attracting foreign employees to Kazakhstan and structuring employment relations.

In addition, Kuralay has experience of participating in complex legal due diligence exercises.

Aisha Manapova - Legal Consultant


Work +7 727 258 13 40 (ext. 3713)

Aisha is a Legal Consultant at Deloitte Legal. She specialises in corporate and employment law and providing HR administration services. She has also participated in various M&A projects, performing legal due diligence services for subsoil users, manufacturing and other companies. 

Dilbara Kozhamkulova - Legal Consultant


+7 727258 13 40 (ext. 2735)

Dilbara is a Legal Consultant at Deloitte Legal. She specialises in corporate and employment law, and providing HR administration services. 

Yerkebulan Shynzhyrbayev - Legal Consultant


+7 727258 13 40 (ext. 4782)

Yerkebulan is a Legal Consultant at Deloitte Legal. He specialises in corporate and employment law and providing HR administration services.

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