Legal Labs


Legal Labs

Change—ever faster, ever less predictable—has become the new normal for enterprises. A decade of accelerating economic, technological, and regulatory disruption has challenged legal leaders to see the invisible intersections connecting their business units and to make decisions that will create ripples throughout their organizations.

Deloitte Legal’s answer is this: For every challenge, broad or narrow, there’s an achievable strategy if you get the right people in the right room with the right technology.

Our Legal Management Consulting teams lead labs to help clients achieve their full potential. They apply a tested set of principles that combine behavioral science, analytics, technology, and facilitation to break through the roadblocks that impede progress. Roadblocks such as groupthink, project entropy, change fatigue, scope-creep, and just about everything else that can stall growth.

Our labs are designed to account for all stakeholders, question conventional thinking, spur creativity, bring about new perspectives, and lead to the kinds of meaningful solutions legal leaders seek.

The agenda for each lab session changes for every client and every vision they seek to achieve, so by definition each is unique. What they have in common is that our certified facilitators kick off the process well in advance of the lab itself by cultivating a deep understanding of the client’s organization, its pain points, its people, its technology stack, and whatever else we’ll need to get results.

Here’s a quick look at lab topics that have been in demand lately:

General counsel transition

We’ve worked with legal leaders who are newly appointed (or simply in search of a refresh) to understand what they need to accomplish in order to achieve as both a trusted business advisor and a corporate guardian.

We’ve delivered practical advice on defining the legal strategy, prioritizing the endless demands for the GC’s time; identifying, recruiting, developing the right talent; and simultaneously managing up, down, and laterally in complex global enterprises.

Legal function transformation

Our legal function transformation labs define what transformation means for the client and creates a roadmap to achieve it. The agenda includes discussion and activities such as:

  • Understanding the contrasts between the views of an organization's leadership and those of the legal team
  • Understanding the legal operating model
  • Developing a gap assessment connecting the client’s legal operating model current state with the desired state
  • Sourcing strategies: What’s new out there?
  • Organizational models for legal departments
  • Technology journey for legal teams
  • Technology demos
  • Action-plan preparation
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