Legal Sourcing


Legal Sourcing

General counsels must manage greater challenges on an ever-changing landscape—and must do so with limited resources. Deloitte Legal helps clients build a model that can accomplish more with less by balancing in-house resources with technology and external services providers.

Our sourcing teams have a deep knowledge of novel legal sourcing strategies such as working with panels of global or regional firms, working with alternative service providers, and leveraging technology.

By applying these insights to our clients’ specific goals, Deloitte Legal helps organizations identify an efficient, effective alignment of tasks with appropriate resources, enabling a nimbler, more effective legal function with the ability to refocus on strategic priorities.


The upshot: We deliver solutions for an efficient sourcing framework built for the future.

Deloitte Legal helps clients achieve a transformative sourcing approach that aligns internal resources with strategically deployed third-party providers.


We deliver bespoke insights and recommendations after analyzing:

  • present basis for sourcing decisions
  • the client’s current state
  • services delivered internally and externally
  • emerging industry and regulatory trends
  • the client’s resources and goals
  • the marketplace of potential vendors
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