Review of Judicial Practices of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan around Tax, Customs and Ecological Disputes

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As part of our practice of representing our clients’ interests in tax audits and disputes, we offer here our overview of what we consider to be the most noteworthy recent taxation cases of the Kazakhstan Supreme Court. As keeping up to date with legal practice impacts your business, we will be providing our court case review on a regular basis and in a new and easy to use format.

Litigation Tracking

Litigation tracking | June 2018 | Overviews of court practices around tax, customs and environmental disputes in Kazakhstan for investment and general jurisdiction cases. 

Litigation tracking | February 2018 | In this issue we cover important transfer pricing, tax, environmental and custom law cases. 


Litigation tracking | May 2017 | Tax disputes: what’s new in the pre-trial and court tax audit dispute resolution 

Litigation Tracking Archive

Here you will find an archive of our previous issues of “Litigation Tracking” in which we cover important court cases including tax, customs and contract law. 

Litigation Tracking | May-September 2016 | In this issue we cover important tax, customs and contract law cases. 

Litigation Tracking | November 2015-April 2016 | In this issue we cover important environmental/subsoil use, tax, customs and IP cases.  

Litigation Tracking | October-November 2015 | In this issue we cover important tax cases.  

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