Legal services for consumer industry

  • Legal support to business: drafting standard agreements, shareholder agreements, and other documents regulating the shareholder-investor arrangements; support of transactions
  • Production localisation support: regulatory advisory services, support of technology transfer and IP protection with account of the licensee’s national laws; full legal support of sourcing and implementing government investment incentives (SPICs, public-private partnerships, etc.)
  • Legal support of product labelling: drafting stakeholder agreements and local policies to ensure compliance with the Russian labelling laws and mitigate the legal risks of producers and importers of labelled products
  • Franchising: identification of franchising portfolio elements, contract drafting
  • Analysis of how well IP assets are protected to develop an enhanced protection strategy, create prerequisites for increasing the company’s capitalisation through the fair-value accounting for intangible assets and applying the appropriate tax benefits
  • Comprehensive brand protection: identification of key brand elements and their protection strategy; trademark registration and other protective measures
  • Brand protection in and out of court, including monitoring of potential trademark infringements
  • Countering unfair competition
  • Counteractions to parallel import and counterfeit product
  • Legal support of imports/exports; currency control advisory services
  • Advice on advertising, rewards programmes, drafting agreements for participation in contests, lottery draws, and other promotion activities
  • E-commerce assistance, including cross-border structuring of Internet projects
  • Developing nationally and GDPR-compliant employee/user/vendor data processing policies
  • Employment structuring advisory services, including for foreign employees; structuring and supporting international employment/assignments; immigration advisory services
  • Contract management automation services
  • Implementation and set-up of business-specific compliance processes