Digital Law


Digital Law

Digital transformation poses complex challenges for organizations. Now more than ever, legal professionals must go beyond providing traditional legal advice and act as strategic advisors and active risk managers. Digitalization is transforming legal and contractual relationships between businesses, individuals and governments. Meanwhile, the collection, storage and exchange of electronic data at increasingly large volumes not only presents new monetization opportunities, it also poses new risks and responsibilities, most notably in the fields of data privacy and cybersecurity.

The Internet of Things, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, big data,  cloud and 3D printing – technologies are evolving rapidly and, as a result, organizations large and small, private and public, are fundamentally rethinking how they operate. This is true for all our clients operating in production, retail, e-commerce, logistics, the automotive industry, information technology, FMCG, media, and other sectors.

Deloitte Legal tailors its digital law offering for each client; it complements its Legal and Regulatory capabilities by leveraging the expertise of Deloitte professionals working in consulting, audit, risk advisory, financial advisory and tax to create an integrated, holistic approach.

The Deloitte Legal Digital Law team can help identify digital risk points and address legal challenges in the following areas:

  • Data & Cyber, including advice on the legal compliance of Big Data, personal data (GDPR and domestic laws, including rules on data localization), data protection (commercial, bank and insurance secrecy, confidential information). The team can also conduct privacy impact assessments and prepare/implement data security policies;
  • Digital regulatory law, including the identification of risk areas and development of plans to meet the challenges of transformative change, encompassing the legal aspects of regulation in terms of digital transformation, compliance advice on Artificial Intelligence, VR/AR technologies, 3D printing and robotics (RPA), cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and advice on legal compliance with specific IT/TMT regulations;
  • E-commerce, including advice on regulatory requirements for e-commerce and data privacy, compliance with consumer protection and competition laws, creation of legal frameworks for e-commerce businesses,  drafting and analyzing e-contracts (terms of use, consents, cloud computing agreements: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.), promotion of online goods and services, loyalty/incentive programmes for contractors and consumers, IT-contracting, smart contracts, and e-signatures;
  • Internet of Things (IoT)/Connected Products/Home Connect, including advice on compliance with global data privacy requirements for digital businesses, privacy by default and design in digital product development, cloud computing compliance, data protection for online platforms and mobile apps, and frameworks for international data transfer.