Providing confidence in the future

Telecommunication companies and sustainability

The global trend: growing interest in sustainability

The mobile communications industry is interested in embedding sustainability principles in corporate strategies, policies and procedures, as well as seeks to develop a uniform approach to managing environmental impacts. This is confirmed by a significant number of operators that had adopted the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

In particular, the subscriber base of the mobile operators that joined the UN Global Compact exceeds four billion people. The GSMA represents the interests of 800 mobile operators worldwide and sees sustainable development as its core priority. GSMA members are committed to achieving the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), aiming to “provide confidence in the future.” This was reflected in the 2016 Mobile Industry Impact Report: Sustainable Development Goals.

The report studies the contribution of mobile operators in achieving the SDGs and sets out targets until 2030. The GSMA has already implemented more than 100 initiatives as part of its Mobile for Development Programme. Many mobile operators became members of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. The Index covers over 2,500 telecom companies, with one operator listed in the top-25 global rating.

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