Reports to Employment Centre

Please be informed that Order #532 of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan entered into force from 19 August 2016 stating that all legal entities and individual entrepreneurs shall submit new reports to Employment Centre. Rules, reports and other helpful materials are attached.

First deadline is 1 October 2016.

In accordance with art. 98 of Administrative Code there is an administrative fine at 10 MCI for missing established deadlines and 20 MCI for the same within the year after first violation.

Therefore, we recommend to keep in mind deadlines and submit reports in time (if applicable).

If you would like to receive more detailed advice on the above, please contact the Deloitte TCF Tax & Legal Department on tel: +7 (727) 258 04 80 (Astana). This alert was prepared by Deloitte TCF experts exclusively for information purposes, and the use of information in it in specific cases should correspond to circumstances.

Best regards, Tax and Legal Department

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